College to Career: Burn Your Resume and Ignite Your Exceptional Career

College to Career - Burn Your Resume and Ignite Your Exceptional CareerRelying only on a resume, cover letter and an interview just doesn’t cut it anymore – especially for freshly minted college graduates who are launching from college to career.  The job search of the 21st century is an insider’s game. This is a new world, a new economy and a new employment landscape, and you have to stand out from a pack of people just like you.

Burn Your Resume is laser-focused on helping college students and college graduates maximize their career potential. It’s a high-value investment that provides practical, how-to strategies and tactics as students move from college to career.

Watch the short video below to hear authors Paul Frankenberg and Ethan Dunham discuss how Burn Your Resume can help you ignite your exceptional career! Please be sure your speakers are turned “ON.”

Now is the time to Burn Your Resume, make your moves and ignite from college to career.

It’s easy for people to tell you what to do but how to do it is the challenge. This book will show you how. Are you ready to ignite your exceptional career? Buy your copy of Burn Your Resume now or explore the book further by reading a synopsis of each chapter.

Praise for Burn Your Resume:

- “Burn Your Resume is a terrific guide for college students and I highly recommend this book to today’s college student.”

- “A valuable read, one that I wish I had happened upon earlier while still in school.”

- “It’s practically a step by step guide to earning your dream job full of real-world advice, ideas, and goals for the reader.”


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