Testimonials, Reviews and Praise for Burn Your Resume

testimonials burn your resumeLarry Kloess
Senior Advisor for Clayton Associates
(and retired Hospital CEO and Division President for HCA, Inc.)

“Paul and Ethan have done a fabulous job with Burn Your Resume.  It’s an excellent and practical guide for landing your desired job; regardless of age. It’s especially practical for every young college graduate looking for their first job upon graduation.  Given our nation’s exceedingly high unemployment rate among recent college graduates, Burn Your Resume should be required reading in every college classroom in the country.  I highly recommend it!”

testimonials burn your resumeRob Graham
Sophomore at The University of Tennessee (Finance major)
Career interests: Finance and International Business.

“I can’t put Burn Your Resume down. It’s practically a step by step guide to earning your dream job full of real-world advice, ideas, and goals for the reader. I would recommend Burn Your Resume to anyone that has, is, or ever will be in the job market!”

Jim Bradford, Vanderbilt University Owen School of ManagementJames W. Bradford
Dean, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

Burn Your Resume is a great resource and how to guide to lead college students in their career pursuit and launch.  Passion, focus and full engagement are traits necessary in building a strong career and Paul and Ethan have written a book detailing the appropriate steps to build a strong career foundation.  In my career I have lead global businesses in the publicly-traded corporate, academic and Board of Directors environments.  Professional success has been due to leading a team of individuals who were in the right jobs and committed to their professional pursuit.”

Burn Your Resume Reader Ryan Shaffer

Ryan Shaffer
Regional Manager
Environmental Data Resources

“I read Burn Your Resume and found your book to be informative and very helpful. I have a brother who is a student at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. I immediately called my brother after I read the book and told him that I have a book that he absolutely has to read. My brother is going through the process of working with the career development center, networking and interning. My brother and I talk regularly about career choices and the activities he should be doing. I told him I would buy Burn Your Resume for him and that he should read it as soon as possible. The book is very much geared towards someone like my brother. My brother is 20 years old and he’s really trying to jump into the workforce. I wish I would have had this book when I was his age and in his stage of starting my career.”

Burn Your Resume Testimonial from Reader Mike McCay

Mike McCay
Senior Director of Marketing and Career Services, University of Tennessee

“Paul and Ethan did a fantastic job hosting a webinar for the University of Tennessee Alumni Association! They have done a great job in compiling helpful information for today’s college student. Paul and Ethan have done their research and it shows!”

From College to Career: Burn Your Resume and Ignite...Mikołaj T. Gala
Management Trainee at Jeronimo Martins Polska
Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland

“Best regards from Poland! Thanks to your book I have burned my resume and a nice European company offered me a job. Thanks for all your advice during Accelerator.”

Review of Burn Your Resume

Melissa (Hunter) Duncan
Group Recruiting Manager
DaVita Inc.

Burn Your Resume is a fantastic read! I worked with Paul for 6 years and know that he is so entrenched in what businesses and executives look for in potential candidates. What better person to learn from?! This is a great resource for any new college grad looking for some advice as they get started in their professional careers.”

College Student Alex Isaacson Reviews Burn Your ResumeAlex Isaacson
Macalester College class of 2014 (Economics major)
Career interests: Marketing & entrepreneurial ventures.

“I read Burn Your Resume because it was a pre-requisite to the Accelerator business institute that I attended at Vanderbilt (Owen graduate school of management). It’s a quick read that uses real world experience to explain what it takes to succeed in the business world. This book covers everything from basic business etiquette to networking and even finding a career path that aligns with personal wants and needs. It provides a great base of knowledge for those heading into the interview process for the first time and it’s a great reminder for those who have heard the advice before.”

testimonials burn your resumeR. Lawrence Van Horn Ph.D, MPH, MBA
Associate Professor of Economics and Management and Executive Director for Health Affairs
The Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

“I have known Paul, both professionally and personally, since I joined the Owen and Vanderbilt faculty in 2006. Paul and I have worked together in developing real-life engagement within our healthcare MBA and he has spoken to a number of my classes about the healthcare landscape, career opportunities and action steps necessary to differentiate and launch a career. Burn Your Resume is a terrific guide for college students and I highly recommend this book to today’s college student.”

Evan Gold, Recent College Graduate & Burn Your Resume ReaderEvan Gold
University of Georgia ‘10
Career interest(s): Management Consulting, Private Equity, Entrepreneurialism, Politics

“I graduated in the top 1% of a class of several thousand and still found myself working in a restaurant more than a year after graduation. Burn Your Resume and its authors communicated the directional actions that I needed to take in order to jumpstart my career after college. Since reading it, I have completed an elite consulting program with Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, am currently working a short term internship doing some consulting work for the fastest growing hospitalist management group in the country, and have a much clearer idea of the right way to market myself to employers.”

testimonials burn your resumeG. William Bates, MD, MBA
Chairman and Founder, digiChart, Inc.

“I wish my sons could have had Burn Your Resume when they were in college and beginning their search for a career. This book is written for college students, but has valuable information for those in a career who seek advancement. … A must for college students and their parents in preparing for that first career opportunity. Frankenberg and Dunham understand their target audience and provide an essential guide for ‘Igniting an Exceptional Career.’”

Eric Burton-Krieger, Burn Your Resume readerRev. Eric Burton-Krieger
Pastor of Group Life for Adults at Brentwood United Methodist Church

“Having Paul and Ethan share with our college students felt invaluable to those who attended. In this competitive job climate, Burn Your Resume is full of principles to help you get clarity on the kind of job you want, with the practical advice on how to make it happen. I couldn’t help but join in the conversation because so much of what they were sharing rang true to my own experience!”

Perry Stahlman, Burn Your Resume Reader

Perry Stahlman, SPHR
Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration
Meridian Surgical Partners

“Just finished Burn Your Resume and I gave a copy to my grandson Andrew, a senior software engineering major at Auburn.  I wish I’d had something like it when I was his age.  Concise but comprehensive, relevant but not cheesy.  It’s the perfect handbook for the college senior weighing his options and trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  Or, for that matter, for the dozens of people in transition that I meet each year who are networking their next assignment, but unsure about how to proceed.  Thanks for making me aware of it.”

testimonials burn your resume

Frederick Talbott
Past Professor and Leadership Coach
Vanderbilt University and Old Dominion University

“Ethan and Paul will help you learn the secrets of best job and career searches — follow their advice, and the entire process becomes a fascinating adventure and ongoing celebration. They also share a wonderful truth — you can’t “lose” in a job search, only win or break even. And considering the fact that every contact generates new acquaintances, you win a lot. … If I were still teaching I would urge every student to read this book during their first week of school.”