Welcome to Connect


by Paul Frankenberg

Welcome to Connect, the new blog from Burn Your Resume.  Through this blog I will interview Young Professionals (YPs), who will share individual experiences, insights and advice they have gained since graduating college.

Real-world decisions, outcomes and subsequent stories are the nuggets that enrich our college audience. It is my hope that Connect will provide another platform to reach and impact current college students.

Through Connect, you will read about:

  • Internships Differentiate.  You’ll meet a Public Relations graduate from the Univ. of Southern CA who broke into the entertainment industry and has quickly launched into a high-profile role.
  • A World-Class Career May Be In Your Back Yard.  You’ll meet a Univ. of GA graduate who has traveled internationally yet found a great career in her own back yard of Atlanta, GA.  Today she works for one of the largest, privately held independent equipment leasing companies, with customers in 36 countries.
  • Professional Athlete to Business Professional.  You’ll meet a former professional athlete who graduated from an Ivy League College and is now a management consultant in London.
  • Networks Can Take You Far…Including Another Continent.  You’ll meet a recent Bowdoin College graduate who is teaching English in Kenya, Africa and gaining awesome experience he can use to pursue the Foreign Service.

I will also contribute directly to this blog.  My comments will be with ongoing blog discussions, writing an occasional post, sharing stories from my work as an executive search professional and interviewing special guests to the blog.

Sign up for Connect, enjoy the interviews and share these real-life stories with your friends and college classmates.

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